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Can't find what you're looking for?

How to play Croquet? We don't host this ourselves as it's covered fully on the Croquet Association's website.

Who runs our Federation? visit our Committee page.

Searching our website: You may have noticed that we don't have a specific search box or search facility. This is because we find Google a really good search facility that we can't better.

However, some of you may have been intimidated by it showing stuff from every website in the world when you do a search. Nevertheless, it's easy to restrict Google's search to just our website.

Just type followed by the text you're searching for into any Google search box (typically the search bar in your browser), e.g. entering bill arliss will search for all references to Bill on this website (quite a lot!).

There's more information about refining Google searches even further here.

Of course, if you still can't find what you want you can always ask one of us for some help.

Errors and Updates

Occasionally we, or one of our contributors, makes a mistake and something erroneous or just plain wrong gets posted to our website (links are a particular problem).

If you spot something that you suspect might be wrong please let us know by sending an email to our Webmaster.

If you've got a specific update for our Club details or our Diary please use the forms we've provided.

Data Protection and Privacy

This website only stores cookies on your computer, as used by our ISP, for the monitoring of traffic. We do not use these or any other information about your usage of our site for any other purpose.

We take your privacy seriously, so we've written a Policy which covers our handling of your personal data.

Event Reporting

It's very little good writing a report about one of your events and just sending it to the Secretary. He has no way to distribute it fully. If it is of interest to others then why not have it put in on our website for all to see. The Webmaster is always quite happy to post your reports on the site but there are a few basic ground rules to be observed.

(a) It must be submitted in electronic form. Typing from handwritten manuscript is not a task we can take on. The text can be in the body of an email (preferable) or alternatively put in a Word document with a .doc suffix. If you are lucky enough to have the latest Microsoft software which saves as .docx please use the option to save as .doc.

Don't worry about doing any formatting. All of it will be lost when we put it into a web page

(b) Pictures always make the report more interesting and we are quite happy to include any interesting pictures. However, please do not go mad with your modern many Megapixel camera. The web cannot use the massive resolution that the modern camera can give, as download times increase significantly, and the file size they produce quite often is not accepted by email providers. Most photographic software has a facility for reducing picture size and 600 pixels wide or so is quite adequate for the web.

When reducing size remember to click on the maintain aspect ratio box or you may get a squashed picture. Most of the present pictures on our site are less than 100k. Picture files with the file extension .jpg are preferred. Please do not embed pictures in another document. Always send as separate files as attachments.

If you have any problems about submitting a report you can always talk to one of us.

Send any reports to

Bill Arliss