Trophy Policy

Normally all our competitions are team competitions and we therefore expect that most clubs will want to display the trophy in their club houses. As such we therefore try to keep out trophies of fairly low intrinsic value so that they are not very attractive to thieves. However the trophies are not insured so we do ask you to take reasonable care with them.

It is Federation policy that we will undertake the engraving every year to ensure a consistent standard for the engraving but also by doing it ourselves, we have the opportunity each year to check it for damage or the need for further engraving plaques. We therefore ask that clubs make arrangements for all trophies to be returned to the Federation at the AGM. If no one from your club is likely to attend, you should arrange for it too be delivered to the home club of one of the SECF Committee members. After engraving, the Federation will arrange for all trophies to be returned to the holders by the start of the season.

Trophies for the various leagues will be held until the next AGM. Trophies for the various tournaments should be delivered to the event in the next season but if not possible be returned to either the Chairman or Secretary at least three weeks before the next event.