Our Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how the SECF satisfies the General Data Protection Regulations (effective from May 2018):

The SECF only directly solicits personal information from its Committee Members and relies on the provision of personal data from its member clubs for non-SECF Committee people for the following categories:

The personal data held is:

The SECF does not hold any other items of personal information such as date of birth or bank account details.

All this data is held by the Secretary for SECF administrative purposes and is also held on a server for display on the SECF website, for information and contact purposes by other participants in SECF competitions and events. Access to the website data is not restricted in any way, so is available to anyone accessing the website, and is not encrypted. The data held by the Secretary and on the website server is securely stored and backed up regularly.

The Secretary distributes contact data (Leagues and Events) to the registered contacts at each club and also contact data for each club, or person who's personal data is supplied by the club, to any enquirer for croquet purposes. The SECF does not provide personal data to any third-parties for non-croquet purposes, e.g. advertising.

Individuals whose data the SECF is holding, displaying or otherwise processing may apply to the SECF Secretary (designated as the GDPR Information Manager) for this to be amended or deleted. Additionally, clubs may request the amendment or deletion of data that they have provided.