League Results Submission

Please report the result soon after a game is played. The strongly preferred way is to use the simple reporting procedure on the main fixture page. This automatically generates an email to the League Organisers and is in the exact format that we want it.

Problems with the Web Page?

If you have problems with the web page report you can email to results#southeastcroquet.org.uk but please ensure it is worded in the following manner:

Subject: SECF League Result Body of Email : GC R League, Surbiton 4, Sussex County 3, 21st July

Please always give the home team score first and ONLY one result per email to make it easier for the web page editor.


Incorrect Results

If you find an incorrect result please resend but add "Corrected Result" after the name of the reporter.

Detailed Results

Detailed scores of the match are not used or retained by the League Secretary or the Webmaster.

All league Advanced and level-play Golf games on full-size lawns are eligible for the WCF Ranking Systems should be submitted to the CA ranking officers - see for Advanced: https://www.croquet.org.uk/?p=tournament/reporting and Golf: https://www.croquet.org.uk/?p=games/golf/gcRankings.

The reports for ranking are the responsibility of the clubs involved and the Federation will NOT forward your results to the ranking system.


If you are unable to arrange your match before the end of the season, please enter WO in the score box for the team that is to be given credit for the match in the reporting system. Put * in the date field to show it has not been played.

The side giving the walk over should report the decision and you should add your club name after the reporters name. Space has been allowed for this and it ensures there are no arguments about the walk over.