SECF Leagues

Our first Association Croquet league started in 1986 and the Golf Croquet one in 1988, with the Roll of Honour page showing all the winners and when each league was introduced. Our History page links to detailed results for more than the last 20 years.

We now have 7 leagues in operation - four Association Croquet and three Golf Croquet.  These leagues aim to provide a friendly, but competitive environment between our clubs in which to play croquet. These involve a mixture of level and handicap play, so that a range of club members can be involved. The leagues are:

Association Croquet Golf Croquet
A - Advanced Play GL - Level Play
U - Handicap Play GR - Level Play, but minimum handicap range/total
B - Handicap Play, but with minimum handicap total GH - Handicap
S - Handicap Play, One Lawn

Each of these leagues involves playing four games (normally two home and two away) during the season. In the Golf Handicap League, because it's got so many teams, there is in addition a play-off between the winners of the West and the East divisions.

We also run a number of Team Tournaments, between our member clubs. Full details are here.

Our policy for the handling of the League and Tournament trophies can be seen here.

The Federation leagues are organised and controlled by our League Secretary. Any problems with the arrangements or any disputes should be referred directly. Please note that this does not apply to our tournaments where any issue will be dealt with by the nominated Manager.

It is our intention that our web site should reflect the progress of our leagues throughout the season and thus results should be reported via the website form as soon as the match is complete.

Please only use the email if you have problems with the web page.

The league rules ask that the home team arrange who shall report the results. If no arrangements are made, it is the responsibility of the home club to report the results. However please see the reporting page for Walk Over games.

All league singles games between players with CA handicaps should be recorded on the player's appropriate handicap cards. All league Advanced and level-play Golf games are eligible for the WCF Ranking Systems. The results should be reported as described on the CA web site. The reports for ranking are the responsibility of the clubs involved and the Federation will NOT forward your results to the ranking system.