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Bill Arliss for reports on SECF events for all general matters

30 Hove Park Villas, Hove, Sussex BN3 6HG

01273 728204

Bill is a retired engineer who took up croquet in 1989. He also took an interest in the management side of the sport, joined the CA Council in 1996 and became national Chairman in 1998. Following his two years as Chairman he became very interested in Golf Croquet and spearheaded the growth of this version of the sport in the UK as chair of the GC committee. He is still a CA Council member, on both the AC and GC Tournament committees, the AC and GC Laws Committees and the handicap committee. He has played for England three times in the GC World championship and recently published his book "Shortening the Odds" which deals with the more advanced tactics in Golf Croquet.

  • Primary contact for laws and handicap queries.
  • Manages the AC Doubles Weekend and the GC Day.
  • joint web master for the Federation site
  • reports of SECF events should be forwarded to for inclusion on our web site.

John Reddish


Hill House, 9a Colney Lane, Cringleford, Norwich NR4 7RE

01603 502103


Flat 26, Horniman Grange, 60 London Road, Forest Hill, London SE23 3HQ

020 8291 9929

07954 019294 (M)

He was President of Dulwich Sports Club from 1997 to 2014 and remains a member of the Croquet Section.  Having acquired a residence in the East Anglian countryside, he is now also a member of the Norwich and Hunstanton Croquet Clubs.

March 2017

  • Taking minutes
  • Preparing the Calendar of Events and
  • the Newsletter.

Hilary Smith

44 Hamble Rd, Stone Cross, Pevensey, East Sussex BN24 5PU

01323 743182

Hilary started playing croquet in 1979 at Nottingham and moved to Eastbourne in 1999. Since retiring from software development she has given more of her time to croquet. She is an AC and GC referee and tournament manager. She is also a coach and committee member at Compton Croquet Club, with overall responsibility for catering within the club.

  • Maintaining and presenting our accounts
  • Receiving and distributing funds as and when appropriate.

Committee Member:
John Low


John worked in educational IT before retiring. First introduced to garden croquet in the 70s he joined Rottingdean in 1994 and then Sussex County Croquet Club a couple of years later. From playing the AC tournament circuit he moved to managing tournaments at Southwick which he has done for the last decade. Along the way he designed and still manages the website for the Club and for the Croquet Academy.

December 2017

Development Officer:
Michael Hague

01483 776190

Michael started playing croquet in 1961. Building on his experience of coaching in many sports during his Army service, he soon qualified as a Grade 1 Coach and at the same time took over as the SECF Schools and Coaching Officer. He devised a two day course to train coaches and wrote the course manual. The course has been since repeated across the country. An AC referee, he is also a GC Examining referee and was Coach of the Year in 2002. His book "Golf Croquet Tactics" has been well used in the croquet world. He recently handed over his SECF coaching responsibilities, but continues as the Federation Development Officer.

  • Main funding contact for either the CA or the Federation.
  • also very knowledgeable on the requirements for obtaining funds via the national lottery and similar sources.

Coaching Officer:
Jon Isaacs

01798 812028

Jonathan is a retired Food Sales and Marketing specialist. He started playing croquet at club level in 1985 when he joined Southwick. In 2000 he became chairman of the CA Marketing Committee and since then has held various positions at the CA including Chairman of the Management Committee and Chairman of Council. In 2008 he stepped down from Council to Chair the Sussex County Croquet Club and to get the Croquet Academy fully operational. He is currently Chairman of The Croquet Academy and has recently been appointed Vice President of the Croquet Association.

  • To introduce, advise, help and coach individuals, groups, and croquet club members in all aspects of the game of croquet; predominantly Association Croquet and Golf Croquet

Committee Member:
George Noble

020 8940 1427

George is a retired civil servant who started playing in Wales in the early 1970s. He moved to Nottingham in 1975 and then London in 1979. A founder member of Surbiton Croquet Club and still an enthusiastic player although in technical decline. He holds the record of 31 years of consecutive appearances in the CA Open
Championships - singles and doubles and once reached the doubles final (with Ian Vincent). He is a member of the CA's Lawns Advisory Group.

  • Advice on all your lawn maintenance problems.

Committee Member:
Roger Loram

01227 451329

Roger started playing Garden Croquet in the 1950's and Association Croquet in 1998. He retired from the Food Industry in 2009 and was then able to involve himself more deeply in the sport.He is a member of both Canterbury and Ramsgate Croquet Clubs and received the CA Diploma in 2010.


Committee Member:
Jon Diamond

01892 663837

Jon is a retired IT consultant, who was dragged into croquet in 2000 by an ex-colleague living nearby in Tunbridge Wells, although he probably played a bit at Cambridge many years ago.
He liked it so much that he joined the committee at the Royal Tunbridge Wells Croquet Club in 2004, becoming Chairman in 2006. He is also their webmaster, having created the site in 2003.
He became a GC referee in 2008, just in time to officiate at the Worlds in Southwick, and a qualified coach in 2015. He’s equally good, or bad, (depending on how you look at it) at both AC and GC.

October 2016

  • designer and web master for the Federation site

Croquet Association Council Representative:
David Mooney

020 8789 7707 (H)

07917 556814 (M)

David is our representative on the CA Council and has been playing croquet for over 15 years. He is a member at both Surbiton and Roehampton and has represented Surrey at both AC and GC. He is a grade 2 Coach and has also taken the coaches training course. David’s Council duties include the development, coaching and handicap committees. He has also written articles for the Croquet Gazette on these areas.