Most of our organised courses are run by the Croquet Academy at Southwick. For details on these see their website: (Premium members of the Croquet Association receive a £10 discount off all courses.)

The Croquet Association offer a discount of £25 and the SECF offers £15 off the cost of Coaching and Refereeing Qualification Courses for members of SECF clubs. There are some (minor) restrictions, but please contact me for further details.

If you are looking for help from the SECF on any coaching issue or for other advice contact me stating your requirements and a contact number so that I or one of the coaches can discuss the matter further.

Jonathan Isaacs
SECF Coaching Officer

Our 2017 Coaching Report is here.

Winter Coaching: October 2017 – March 2018 (inclusive)

Book now for AC and GC Winter Coaching!
One-to-One or small group sessions for everyone - from complete beginner to experienced player.
Ideal Christmas Present!

Suitable for GC and AC players of all levels seeking to improve their game.

To apply – complete the Winter Coaching application form on the Croquet Academy website or send me an e-mail detailing your requirements.

Janet Hoptroff
Croquet Academy Secretary

Tel: 01903 859417

Academy programme for 2018, as of October 2017 with availability updates Jan 2018

Please see the Academy page for up to date information.

Dates Course Cost Ideal Handicap Course Leader
1. 11 April
2. 14 May
GC Beginners’ £50 n/a Daphne Gaitley
1. 12 April
2. 16 May
GC High Handicappers’ £50 9+ Janet Hoptroff
11-12 April AC Introduction & Development in Advanced Play £75 6-14 Nigel Polhill
14-15 April Perfecting Your AC Stroke & Break Play £70 5-9 Cliff Jones
18 April GC Rules £60 n/a Daphne Gaitley
18 April Positive Mental Approach to Croquet £60 n/a Cliff Jones
21-23 April AC Laws and Referees’ Qualification
Only a few places left
£60 n/a Cliff Jones
21 April GC Improvers’  £50 4-9 Daphne Gaitley
23 April GC Referees’ Refresher Workshop
Only a few places left
£50 n/a Martin French
25 April AC Beginners’  £50 n/a Daphne Gaitley
25-26 April AC Handicap Play Development
£75 12-18 Clive Hayton
26-27 April
AC Improvers’
** £50 for those attending AC Beginners
£75 18+ Cliff Jones
2 May GC Advanced Play Masterclass
£60 4- Stephen Mulliner
9-10 May Coach Qualification (CQC)
Only a few places left
£75 n/a Daphne Gaitley
21 May GC Coached Games Day £50 6+ Daphne Gaitley
6-7 June GC Rules and Referees’
*First day only without exam - £50
£75 * n/a Daphne Gaitley
13-14 Jun AC Beginners’ Follow-Up
AC Improvers’ Follow-Up
(Day two will focus on Coached Games)
£75 22+
Daphne Gaitley
Jonathan Isaacs
28 June GC Coached High-Bisque Tournament £40 10 + Jonathan Isaacs
30-31 July AC High-Bisque Tournament
(With coaching advice between games)
£50 14-20 Frances Low
Various Dates to include:
16,17,19,20,24,25 April
One to One AC and GC Coaching NEW!
1 hour and 1.5 hour sessions
Detailed analysis / Recommended Practice.

* Price on application – depending on requirement.

* Any Handicap Cliff Jones,
Daphne Gaitley
& other leading Academy Coaches

NB Premium Members of the Croquet Association receive a discount of £10 off all Courses & the AC High-Bisque Tournament, and a discount of £5 off the GC Coached High-Bisque Tournament.