Development 2016

Guildford and Godalming, with their new four-lawn facility, successfully hosted the third tier tournament of the World GC Team Championship in May. They constructed their new pavilion on the site of the old bowling club shack in June and hope to conclude an eventful year by completing the instillation of water and sewerage links. The club will have to raise around £15,000 to install electricity. The transformation of this club into a first class croquet location has been achieved in a very short period of time due to good and energetic leadership and dedicated self help from its members.

The last 4 of Sussex County’s 11 courts planned for refurbishment were completed in August and the grass on them had taken well. The next major project might be a new clubhouse but that is probably far in the future.

Cobdown Sports Ground, the home of Medway, is now owned by Marpaul Sports and is now called ‘K Sports Cobdown’. The change of ownership has resulted in a great improvement in the maintenance of the lawns. The irrigation system had been repaired and the club has bought itself an expensive and excellent mower. The new owners have a vision of all the various sports mixing together in the bar and playing each others’ sports.

A revised application by Lodsworth for a CA grant for a slightly more modest and cheaper pavilion has been submitted to the CA Development Committee. With financial support from the CA and the Federation, the pavilion should be in place for the start of the 2017 season

Worthing’s two courts have been moved at Field Place to a location within this well used recreational area which is much more conspicuous to the passing public. Funds were raised to build a modest club house adjacent to the new and well maintained courts. This was officially opened in June.

West Worthing have applied for a CA grant for a new pavilion to replace the old shed given by Woking to the club 5 years ago. The project will be partly funded by a loan from the main club to be repaid by a levy of £20 on croquet membership annual subscriptions until the loan is paid off.

Canterbury have been given three completely new courts protected by a rabbit proof fencing, costing about £20,000, These were paid for by the parent club. The croquet club is submitting, to the CA, an application for a grant to erect a modest wooden pavilion which, together with a rented “portaloo”, will complete a vastly improved playing facility.

Compton are submitting an application for a CA grant to help to refurbish its old and dilapidated clubhouse.

Finchley Victoria have added a croquet section to the bowling club. One of the greens will be for the exclusive use of the croquet players. A well attended grand opening took place in August with valuable support from members from Watford, Ealing and Hampstead Heath. The facilities available are outstanding.

They include a recently constructed brick pavilion and extensive outbuildings. The initial ground work has been carried out expertly by Barry Bargroff, the bowling club’s Publicity and Marketing Officer. However, there are issues which may hinder the development of this croquet section. Michael Hague is usually able to find an experienced croquet player to provide the necessary leadership but no one has yet surfaced in Finchley. The second problem is that the council charge £120 per member for the use of the facility and its maintenance. The section is hoping for a degree of flexibility in order to be able to offer reduced initial fees to new croquet members.

The Federation will be making grants, of £500 each, to Compton, Canterbury, West Worthing and Lodsworth towards the cost of their pavilions; (all subject to the approval by the CA of the applications already made to them for grants). A practice has developed of making Federation grants to supplement grants made by the CA, in addition to other direct ones not supplementing CA grants.