2011 Development
2012 2010

West Worthing Croquet Club took advantage of an offer from Woking Croquet Club to collect from them their 1982 croquet hut, which was surplus to their requirements and was found to be capable of dismantling. There was a problem when a door was left behind but that was overcome.

Last year the Federation agreed to make a grant of 250 to the Worthing Croquet Club towards the cost of their proposed new storage hut. Worthing have now acquired and erected their new shed.

Ember Croquet Club (part of the Ember Sports Club in Esher) have sunk a bore hole for water to irrigate their one and a half courts as the first phase of a project to improve its playing facilities and re-vitalise the section. The CA has made a grant of 2,500 towards the cost of the second phase and the Federation has added a grant of 200 further to assist the Club with the project.

West Wittering Croquet Club now has a 21 year guarantee of tenure from their local Parish Council and the Club is moving swiftly to establish good facilities. It has already carried out the first phase and has re-laid two good, irrigated courts at a cost of 36,000. The CA has made a grant of 1,500 and a loan of 1,000 towards completing the project. The Federation has made a grant of 200 further to assist the Club.

Towards the end of the 2011 season an opportunity arose to take over a defunct bowls club in a park in Cheam. The London Borough of Sutton has offered the bowling green with its clubhouse, changing rooms and toilets for a peppercorn rent of 10 per annum with a 21 year guarantee of tenure. The proposed new croquet club will be obliged to maintain the lawn but the Borough will continue to look after the surrounding trees and flower beds. The lawn will accommodate one full size or two three quarter size croquet courts. Three local Associate Members of the CA (John Timberlake and Jean and Ian Cobbold) are enthusiastic about the project and have volunteered to take up the challenge of forming a new club. A recruiting drive is being planned for March 2012 and, if that is successful, the new club will be seeking court equipment from the CA and the SECF. The CA has provided a grant of 200 towards the cost of launching the new club and the Federation has made a modest grant of 75 towards the cost of advertising the Cheam launch.