Development 2010
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Two new Federation clubs have been established during the past year. Croquet players in the multi-sports Epsom Sports Club were provided with two sets of equipment by the Federation, one with the same conditions attached as for equipment provided from the CA New Club Fund and a second on shorter loan.

Club East in Bethnal Green created a flurry of activity in March 2010. A group of young people led by Miranda Garrett started playing croquet in a local park. The Club has joined the CA and the Federation. They have been rewarded with one set of equipment from the CA and another from the Federation, including a ball of string for the boundaries. David Collins from Dulwich (a.k.a “the Silver Fox”) provided much appreciated coaching support in the summer and the club now has a core of thirty players with other occasional participants. Ms Garrett has “big plans for next season” and has produced a refreshing article for the Croquet Gazette.

Surbiton Croquet Club completed the installation of an irrigation system and four flag poles in time for the MacRobertson. Both of these projects received grants from the CA and the Federation. The Federation Development Officer has reported that the impression given at Surbiton is of a well run and thriving club well worthy of hosting Federation, national and international events.

The Federation has agreed to make a grant of £250 to the Worthing Croquet Club towards the cost of their proposed new storage hut, subject to the CA committee approving the grant requested from them.

Hurstpierpoint College in West Sussex (motto: Beati Mundo Corde) has started a croquet club with coaching assistance from Daphne Gaitley and a SECF set of equipment re-deployed from Hampstead Heath (which continues to enjoy the set provided by the CA New Club Fund). Members of the school staff are organising the school’s Croquet Club.