Development 2008
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Croquet Academy

Suffice to say here that in its first year of existence it has proved a success and has lead to a co-ordinated broad range of courses available to players of a wide range of handicaps and to potential officials. The Academy should now be officially adopted by the CA with delegation of overall policy delegated to the Coaching Committee although there may be aspects from time to time where the Development Committee might wish to contribute.

New Clubs

The seeds have been sown for new clubs to develop in a number of areas. Angmering is a break away from the old Worthing club which has found itself a new home in Worthing with reduced playing facilities. Both clubs seem to have survived the trauma of the split and re-location. Richard Hilditch played a significant role in getting Hampstead Heath off the ground and Donald Beck in assisting the introduction of croquet into the Shepperton Bowling Club. Hassocks joined the CA this season and Lewes U3A the SECF.

The New Club Fund continues to provide a vital incentive for new clubs to join the CA. All the new clubs reported above have benefited from the fund and /or equipment loaned by SECF.


Dulwich has completed the upgrading of its three lawns. Preston LTCC has postponed indefinitely plans for a new club house.


Schools remain an area of development which has frustrated attempts to penetrate it successfully.

Qualified Officials

We have had two Association Grade 1 and three GC coaches assessed during courses at the Academy and all have received their badges! In addition a team went from the Academy to run a Coaches Training Course at Nottingham.

I am not aware of any AC referees being qualified but I can report on three candidates who passed the GC Referees Examination. They completed a day’s course of instruction and a week later underwent a mock exam followed by the actual examination a week after that. It was admittedly time consuming but the high marks achieved were proof of the value of the thorough preparation and in particular of the mock exam without which none of the participants would have passed.

Finally I am delighted to report that for the second year running, a member of Sussex CCC, namely Bryan Teague, has received the Lifetime Coaching Award. As explained in my report last year, the CA and the SECF owe so much to Bryan for the incredible amount of work, time and effort he has put into his club and devoted to the sport, especially as lead coach and bringing along both hundreds of players and many coaches over at least the past two decades.